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Adobe Promotion Service Charts help you track the progress and effectiveness of your campaigns.  The following four charts are provided for your use:


The Views chart displays the number of times your promotion is viewed across all properties.  You can view totals by day (default) or select the cumulative option to display all views (impressions) since the beginning of your campaign.  The Views chart is most useful for tracking CPM campaigns.


The Clicks chart displays the number of times a user has clicked on a promotional banner.  If a promotional banner includes an offer to install an AIR application, the Clicks chart can be used as a "proxy" for installation but does not track actual installations since a customer can cancel installation after the banner is clicked.  The Clicks chart is most useful for tracking CPC campaigns.

Click Rate

The Click Rate displays the number of clicks as a percentage of views:  e.g. 342 clicks / 10,000 impressions = 3.42% click rate.  The click rate can vary widely and is based on a number of factors including the value of your offer, the visual nature of the promotional banner, the page from which the banner is viewed, the targeting parameters selected for a specific campaign, etc.  If the promotional banner is displayed on multiple pages, the click rate is the sum of click rates of all pages.  Historically, advertising click rates for untargeted promotions run about .5%.

First Launch

The First Launch chart displays the number of times an application, installed from a promotional banner, is launched for the first time.  This chart is currently unimplemented and will be enabled in a future release.

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