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Kuler is no longer issuing new API keys. See details here.

Welcome to the kuler mashup page! 
If you have a new application using kuler themes, let us know on the Kuler code forum.


* Mondrianum: Mac OS plug-in that acts like a color picker, accessing Kuler themes
* ColorSlide: Kuler themes for the iPhone
* Kuler panel for Flash CS3: Access Kuler themes in Flash
* Kuler panel for Fireworks CS3: Access Kuler themes in Fireworks
* PalettePicker for Dreamweaver: Access Kuler themes from Dreamweaver
* Cooler Kreator: generative art using Kuler Themes
* Colorful Expression: Kuler panel add-in for Microsoft Expression Studio
* Kuler in Visio: Sample code to pull highest rated themes
* CFC for Kuler: by Raymond Camden
* workBench: web-based authoring tool that uses Kuler themes in its color picker
* UrbanDirty: texture stock photography with corresponding kuler themes
* Colour Me Bad: matches Last FM music tags with Kuler tags


* Animated blog header that uses Kuler swatches
* Blog with PHP that reselects a Kuler theme
* Kuler eye-candy for your blog
* blog with Kuler background theme selector
* blog with Kuler DL-MENU free wordpress plugin and theme uses Kuler to set website colorscheme


* Cooler Screensaver for Windows
* German kuler screensaver

Other (no APIs, just interesting)

* YouTube 10-second ad inspired by Kuler (1 of 2)
* YouTube 10-second ad inspired by Kuler (2 of 2)

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