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New in ColdFusion 11

ColdFusion 11 has gone through a lot of changes and enhancements and this section highlights those changes:

End-to-end mobile development

The ColdFusion Mobile Platform aims at providing a server and development infrastructure that facilitates rapid and robust mobile application development, debugging, packaging, and deployment. The ColdFusion 11 release introduces rapid application development through ColdFusion Builder. This release of ColdFusion introduces full-fledged on-device debugging to quickly debug your ColdFusion-based mobile applications on devices.

You can quickly build a mobile application by reading the information provided in the following sections:

A new lightweight edition

The ColdFusion Express enables you to quickly setup a development or production instance of a Server without following the installation procedure. The ColdFusion Express is a new ‘lighter’ version of the ColdFusion Server and is ideally suited for developers to quickly setup and run a ColdFusion Server for testing and debugging purposes.

See The ColdFusion Express

Language enhancements

ColdFusion 11 has gone through various language enhancements that will provide a better development experience for ColdFusion developers. The core CFML language enhancements in ColdFusion 11 includes new language constructs, extended tag support, enhanced script functions, and support for new operations.

See ColdFusion Language Enhancements

WebSocket enhancements

ColdFusion 11 has introduced the proxy support for WebSocket. There is a new proxy module (that runs inside IIS and Apache Web Server) that can intercept the ColdFusion WebSocket requests and redirect the requests to the ColdFusion Server. 

See WebSocket enhancements

PDF generation enhancements

To generate high quality PDFs from HTML documents, 2 new tags, <cfhtmltopdf> and <cfhtmltopdfitem> have been introduced in ColdFusion 11.

See PDF generation enhancements

Security enhancements

ColdFusion 11 has a lot of security enhancements and bug fixes. This update fixes a few security issues and has strengthened the Server to a large extent. Some notable security enhancements are described in the following document:

See Security Enhancements (ColdFusion 11)

Social enhancements

ColdFusion 11 has introduced the support for dynamically generating Like button, Tweet button, and Comment box for social media sites. 

See Social Enhancements

REST enhancements

ColdFusion 11 now supports site-level REST applications and enables pluggable serializer and deserializer.

See REST Enhancements

Charting enhancements

The server-side charting introduced in ColdFusion 10 that allowed you to create highly interactive charts has been further enhanced to produce visually more appealing charts.

See Charting enhancements

Compression enhancements

The following sections describe the enhancements made to the <cfzip> and <cfzipparam> tags:

Spreadsheet enhancements

New spreadsheet functions have been added to support page breaks and auto filters. Existing spreadsheet functions have been enhanced to support auto resizing capabilities.

See Spreadsheet functions

New functions

The following new functions are added:

Changes in functions

The following functions are enhanced:

New tags

The following tags have been added:

Changes in tags

The following tags are enhanced:


When you are using ColdFusion Scheduler, output can be saved only as  .log or .txt files. However, the extension limitation can be changed by modifying the file cfusion\lib\neo-cron xml, and its string which by default reads "<string>log,txt</string>".

Also, for the <cfinclude> tag, this restriction is applicable. By default, you can include only CFM files. However, you can modify allowedextinclude key in neo-runtime.xml file to add your own file type.



  • For the <cfsetting> tag, URL.RequestTimeout attribute has been deprecated in ColdFusion 11.
  • The HTMLEditFormat() function has ben deprecated.

See the full deprecation list.

New in ColdFusion Builder 3

ColdFusion Builder has gone through a lot of changes and enhancements and this section highlights those changes:

ColdFusion Debugging Perspective

The ColdFusion Debugging perspective ( invoked through Run > Debug Configuration > Perspectives) contains tools to debug your ColdFusion applications as well as client-side applications. There are different views that let you add breakpoints to your code, step into functions, step over functions, or examine and evaluate expressions in your code. The editor works with the debugging tools to locate and highlight lines of code that need correction.

Debugging Perspective

Debugging applications

Debugging lets you examine and troubleshoot your application. When you debug, you can control when the application must stop at specific points in the code. You can also monitor important variables and test your code. Debugging uses a configuration to control how applications are launched. When you debug your application, you run the debug version of the application file. 

Debugging Applications

Debugging mobile applications

See Debugging Mobile Applications

Bundled ColdFusion Server

See Bundled ColdFusion Server


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