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Welcome to ColdFusion Documentation Wiki (project Erbe). Erbe in Italian means legacy or heritage. Project Erbe is an initiative of Community Help and Learning team to drive collaborative documentation efforts of legacy ColdFusion documentation. Project Erbe aims to take one million word worth of ColdFusion legacy documentation futuristically ahead by providing authorial empowerment to the cream of ColdFusion community.

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The ColdFusion documentation is designed to provide support for the complete spectrum of participants. Pick a page and start contributing content. (thumbs up)

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  1. Aug 21, 2014


    a remark to the folks responsible for documentation.

    Yes, I need printed documentation, yes I read it like a book, I love indexes, and i make use of TOCs. So I downloaded the pdf-Version of the documentation and i really tried to print it. What a nightmare..

    It might be a problem to handle pagination within a wiki, but it would be a great help if the numbers used in the TOC (6.3.3 for ColdFusionTags-Tags by function) would appear in the headlines within the text corpus as well, best would be a reasonable header/footer with the ordinals AND the name of the section, pagination would be wonderfull nevertheless.
    The art of bookmaking has invented so many good ideas to support a reader, we should not forget in times of text-search and hyperlinks. I think it is essential for a product which has about 4.500 pages of good(warning) , valuable(warning) documentation.

    best regards

    the Reader


  2. Aug 27, 2014

    "Welcome to ColdFusion Documentation Wiki (project Erbe). Erbe in Italian means legacy or heritage"

    Actually, "Erbe" is a German word meaning heritage, "erbe" in Italian would be "herbs" in English. 

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