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Deprecated and removed features in ColdFusion 11

Please note that the list below specified both deprecated features (features you should no longer use) and removed/obsoleted features (features you can no longer use) in the list below. First are those now deprecated as of ColdFusion 11, and then are those removed (which had previously been merely deprecated in previous releases).

Note also that for some of these, it is only certain attributes of tags (or arguments of functions) that are removed, not the entire tag or function. An example is CFINSERT, where the tag is still supported for backward compatibility, but certain specific (and long-deprecated) attributes are removed. But there are some where the entire tag is no longer supported, such as CFGRAPH, CFSERVLET, etc.

Download this document to see the deprecated and not supported features in ColdFusion 11.

Feature NameDeprecated SinceColdFusion 11
AIR IntegrationColdFusion 11Deprecated
ColdFusion ActionScript functions (CF.query, CF.http)ColdFusion 11Deprecated
CORBA IntegrationColdFusion 11Deprecated
Flash FormsColdFusion 11Deprecated
LCDS IntegrationColdFusion 11Deprecated
XML FormsColdFusion 11Deprecated
cfappletColdFusion 11Deprecated

cfchart - for the style attribute, the "XML" format style has been removed

ColdFusion 11Removed
cfdocument for FlashPaperColdFusion 11Deprecated
cfpresentation for Flash presentationColdFusion 11Deprecated
cfsprydatasetColdFusion 11Deprecated
cftree and cfgrid format = "applet"ColdFusion 11Deprecated
cfcache - cachedirectory and timeout attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
cfcollection - map and repair options of the action attributeColdFusion MX 7Removed
cferror - monitor option of the exception attributeColdFusion MXRemoved
cffile - system and temporary values of the attributes attributeColdFusion MXRemoved
cfform - passthrough attributeColdFusion MX 7Removed
cfform - enableCAB attributeColdFusion MXRemoved
cfftp - agentname attributeColdFusion MXRemoved
cfgraphColdFusion MXRemoved
cfgraphdataColdFusion MXRemoved
cfgridupdate - connectString, dbName, dbServer, dbType, provider, and providerDSN attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
cfinput - passthrough attributeColdFusion MX 7Removed
cfinsert - connectString, dbName, dbServer, dbType, provider, and providerDSN attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
cfldap - filterFile attributeColdFusion MXRemoved
cflog - date, thread, and time attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
cfquery - connectString, dbName, dbServer, provider, providerDSN, and sql attributes. The following dbType attribute values: dynamic, ODBC, Oracle73, Oracle80, Sybase11, OLEDB, and DB2ColdFusion MXRemoved
cfsearch - external and language attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
cfselect - passthrough attributeColdFusion MX 7Removed
cfservletColdFusion MXRemoved
cfservletparamColdFusion MXRemoved
cfslider - img, imgStyle, grooveColor, refreshLabel, tickmarkimages, tickmarklabels, tickmarkmajor, and tickmarkminor attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
cfstoredproc - connectString, dbName, dbServer, dbType, provider, and providerDSN attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
cftextinputColdFusion MX 7Removed
cfupdate - connectString, dbName, dbServer, dbType, provider, and providerDSN attributesColdFusion MXRemoved
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  1. Mar 03, 2014


    Hi Adam,

    I've just converted the table to HTML.



  2. Mar 03, 2014


    cfldap's filterConfig attribute was also deprecated in CFMX, but this table doesn't list it. Is cfldap's filterConfig also removed in Splendor?


  3. Apr 09, 2014

    I don't see the removal or deprecation of the cfsetting requestTimeOut attribute in this list.  Was it re-instated?

  4. Apr 29, 2014

    I don't see the deprecation of HTMLEditFormat() as mentioned here: New in ColdFusion

  5. May 01, 2014

    The basic format and content of this page is going to need to change if it is going to be of any use now or going forward. It needs to

    • move from being a "proposal" to being a definitive document,
    • provide significant detail as to what specifically is being deprecated (rather than broad generalities like "AIR integration") either in the form of verbiage here or links to other detailed references,
    • identify when (i.e., which version) the items noted as deprecated are planned for removal from the language,
    • be structured in a manner that covers future versions of the language, but I'm not sure that's really sustainable in the context of a table with rows identifying each items being deprecated/removed and columns for each version of CF

    This page is a good example of why wikis are challenging to use for reference information for version-based topics like products or languages, unless there are entire sections specific to each version of the language. In the case of CF, that would mean effectively a CF10 section with everything specific to that version (new features, language removals and deprecations, full reference, etc.), a CF11 section with everything specific to that version, etc.

  6. Aug 05, 2014

    This doc still has a beta-phase notice at the top of it. The notice needs to be removed, and the table needs to updated to reflect the final state of play re deprecation / obsolescence.

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