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Looking for answers to AIR frequently asked questions?

This wiki is the place to find solutions for frequently asked questions about Adobe AIR. If you have a solution or workaround to share, please add it in the appropriate category. You can also add a question that you'd like to see answered by other members of the community. Contributions of all kinds are encouraged. You can even edit an existing answer to provide a better solution for the AIR community. There are also several questions that do not yet have answers. They are marked with red asterisks. These are questions that have been raised in forums recently, but not answered. Please contribute answers if you can!

Adding your own questions and answers

To add new questions and answers or edit existing ones, you must first have an Adobe ID. Click Log In at the top of the page to register if necessary.

  • Post the answer to an existing question for which an answer is required. Maybe you've blogged about the subject or answered the same question when it's come up in one of the AIR forums.
  • Post a new question for which you already know the answer. Is it something that's been asked and answered many times on forums or listservs? Is it something new users are likely to ask about and need help with? If so, add it. Please do not add duplicate questions.
  • Qualify the answers with more information. If you've got something to add that will improve an existing answer, please do so. Any kind of example or code snippet is good.

This wiki is open to all users so please feel free to add a topic. However, if you're looking for an answer to a technical question not listed here, it's best to post your question to the AIR or Flash forums. You may also want to check out the AIR Support page.

A few guidelines

When you add content to this wiki, take your audience into account.

The question should be short and to the point. As often as possible, add links to external blogs, documentation, and other materials rather than copying and pasting content here.

And don't worry about the formatting. We'll take care of it!


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