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Before you can build custom Portfolio Navigators, you must have the required applications and install the Adobe Acrobat Portfolios SDK.

Installing the Portfolios SDK

Before you can begin developing your Navigator, install the Acrobat Portfolios SDK, install the acroFlashDebug.api plugin into Acrobat, and install the Navigator plug-ins for Flash Builder 4. To do this:

1     Download the Acrobat Portfolios SDK from

  • This is a zip file containing all the code files, plug-ins, and documentation for the Acrobat Portfolios SDK.

    Unzip the Acrobat Portfolios SDK zip file to a convenient location. This zip file contains a folder with the following subfolders:

  • Documentation---This folder contains this document and the API documentation for all the library classes.
  • Tools---This folder contains the Flash Builder wizards and the supporting plug-ins for them.
  • Libs---This folder contains the Portfolio Framework library as a SWC file.
  • Samples---This folder contains a FlexSkin sample and other sample code.
  • Skins---This folder contains FLA source files for skinning PDF Portfolios.
  • Sources---This folder contains a zip file with the Portfolio Framework source files that are compiled into the Portfolio Framework SWC file.

3     Find the acroFlashDebug file in the Acrobat Portfolios SDK folder you unzipped in step 2.

  • For Windows the file is: Tools\AcroFlashDebug\Win\AcroFlashDebug.api
  • For Macintosh the file: isTools\AcroFlashDebug\Mac\AcroFlashDebug.acroplugin

4    Copy this acroFlashDebug file into the plug-ins subdirectory of Acrobat X.

  • For Windows this subdirectory is normally C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\plug_ins
  • For Macintosh this subdirectory is normallyApplications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Acrobat

5    Install the Navigator wizard plug-ins

  • Copy the contents of the Tools\Flashbuilder\Put contents in FB plugins dir directory into the plug-ins subdirectory of your Flash Builder application.
    • For Windows this is normally C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\plugins\
    • For Macintosh this is normally /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/plugins/
  • Copy the contents of the Tools\Flashbuilder\Put contents in FB app dirdirectory into your Flash Builder application directory.
    • For Windows this is normally C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\
    • For Macintosh this is normally /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/

6    (Windows Vista/7 only) Register the Navigator plugin:

  • Go to the folder where you have installed Flash Builder
  • Select the Flash Builder executable and click the right mouse button
  • When the menu appears, select "Run as"
  • When the Run As dialog appears, enter that you want to run the application as Administrator, enter the administrator password and click OK.

If you are running Windows 7 and have User Access Control (UAC) turned on, you must have administrator permissions for the new plug-ins to be registered and to be able to debug using the preview application for Flash Builder. Whenever you update the plug-ins, you will need to register the updated plug-ins.

Accessing Portfolio Framework Source Code

In order to access the Portfolio Framework source code when debugging your Navigator project, do the following:

  1. Open the file.
  2. Extract the contents of from the Sources folder in the SDK and place them in a local folder. Remember where you have placed them.
  3. In Flash Builder 4, go to Project > Properties and select ''Flex Library Build Path'' from the list in the left panel.
  4. Select the ''Library path'' tab in the Flex Library Build Path panel on the right.
  5. Expand the libs folder in the list of build path libraries.
  6. Expand ''PortfolioFramework.swc'' under the libs folder.
  7. Select ''Source attachment: (None)'' and click the ''Edit…'' button on the right.
  8. In the Edit Folder path dialog, click ''Browse…'' and go to the folder where you placed the contents of in step 1.
  9. Click ''OK'' to dismiss the Edit Folder Path dialog, and ''OK'' again to dismiss the properties dialog.

PortfolioFramework sources should now be visible when debugging your Navigator code. In addition, when adding custom skins from the New MXML Skin wizard, PortfolioFramework skin classes can be used as starting points by entering the appropriate skin class in the ''Create as a copy of'' field.

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  1. Jul 14, 2011

    Where is the plug-ins directory in Flash Builder 4.5 (can't find it on the Mac after showing package contents)

    "Dain Bramage"

  2. Sep 28, 2011

    I need the same information as Kathy but for Windows.  Do you have the Eclipse Plug-ins?



    1. Sep 28, 2011

      The folder is located in ~/Adobe Flash Builder 4.5/eclipse/plugins

      Put the jars in there, and you're ready to go!

  3. Nov 29, 2011

    I've followed all of the steps including opening Flash Builder as an administrator.  Is there some step I'm supposed to follow after that?  The plugins have been extracted to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\eclipse\plugins

    The NavigatorSupport folder has been extracted to:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\eclipse

    I run Flash Builder 4.5 as an administrator and still can't see the Navigator project wizard whether I run FB as an administrator or normal user.  =/

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