Part I: Creating a Simple RIA with Flex 3

Note: The current release is Flex 4. This page is for Flex 3. To get started with Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 (formerly known as Flex Builder), see the Getting Started page on the Flex Developer Center.


  • Learning Points - A summary of information and concepts for building a simple RIA
  • Code Files - Complete code files for the Flickr RIA
  • Code Anatomy - An interactive approach to understanding the Flickr RIA code
  • Tutorial - Step-by-step instructions on building the Flickr RIA

In this module, you will learn how to create a simple rich Internet application (RIA) that retrieves and displays photos from the Flickr API based on user-supplied keywords. To build this application you will use Flex Builder, pre-built Flex components, and the Flex HTTP service.

The following application is an embedded SWF file created by using Flex Builder; it is not a screen shot. Type a search term, like "Adobe," into the text box and click the Submit button to retrieve and display photo data from the Flickr API.

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NOTE: the images displayed are coming from a public photo feed. The results may be unpredictable and Adobe is not responsible for the contents of the feed itself.

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  1. Jul 29, 2008

    A slightly more advanced example can be found here:

    When you click on the image thumbnail, the full sized image will appear in a popup (resized to fit the screen, if necessary) and a context menu option has been added to save the image (right-click image > Save Image...).  It also shows a busy cursor while loading the image.